BOTIER jewellery aims to be more than an accessory. We are a new generation jewellery line. BOTIER represents YOU, your personality, what you have ever desired, what you want and will want in the future. In the collection, BOTIER has created double rings. These rings were designed with a specific purpose. They represent the duality in every individual. Each person has a desire, craving for something they reach for during their life. BOTIER stands for that “double life” that rages in a person.


For each to know what it is exactly one is craving, you should pay attention to where the ring is worn. Each finger on your hand holds a special energy. To keep the element of surprise, the meaning will not be revealed here. When putting on a BOTIER ring, attract the energy you want, the ring will reflect that desire. BOTIER strongly encourages everyone to believe in themselves. Within is always a powerful individual who is capable of anything. In addition to the position of the rings, the rings themselves have a meaning to them. Each ring is handcrafted and designed with a clear vision of what it represents. Check back here for special reveals about the other pieces in the collection.